Put Your Best Foot Forward with Dr. Charles Yeager


“Your feet shouldn’t hurt,” says Dr. Charles Yeager, podiatrist, who helps patients with a variety of foot issues.


If you have heel pain, arch pain, ingrown toenails or any other foot-related problems, Dr. Yeager can help to treat the issue and make standing and walking more comfortable. Many of his patients suffer from foot pain for a variety of reasons, such as having to stand for a long time in retail and factory jobs or having sports-related foot pain.


Dr. Yeager has two locations, with one at 29 Cloister Ave., Ephrata, and 912 West Main Street (Suite 306), New Holland. He is very focused on providing his patients with personalized care on a one-to-one basis. He likes having his own solo practice, because he can devote more time to his patients and interact more with them.


“I enjoy the challenge of determining what is wrong with someone’s feet and helping to correct it,” says Dr. Yeager.


Dr. Yeager started began studying feet almost 40 years ago. He graduated college and entered the profession of podiatric medicine. He is excited about the latest advancements in foot care, such as Internet and Cloud-based connections that provide state-of-the-art diagnostics that help to determine the cause of your foot pain.


“I am able to be more flexible in my schedule and accommodate emergencies as they arise,” says Dr. Yeager, who offers surgical intervention when needed.


However, Dr. Yeager has gained experience in providing non-surgical options to those patients who do not require surgery or have physical or time constraints. He is able to construct custom-molded orthotics, combination lower leg braces and custom molded shoes. He dispenses diabetic depth shoes and inserts.


With 33 years of experience, Dr. Yeager is please to offer truly individualized foot care. His wife Ann is the receptionist and welcomes patients to the office with her friendly efficiency. As a new office, they are able to fit patients in and not make them wait for relief from foot pain.


“It’s very rewarding to me to help people with foot pain,” says Dr. Yeager. “When your feet hurt, it’s hard to stand and walk comfortably.”


If your feet hurt, call Dr. Yeager at 717-733-5556 or check the website at www.drcharlesyeager.com or on Facebook.